TASTE OF PALEO 4.0 guest SPEAKER Schedule:

2:00 PM TO 2:55 pM

  • Jonathan Celis, AbsoluTraining - Fasting: Fast Your Way to Health, Caveman Corner A
  • Anne-Marie Alderson, Alderson Endurance and Wellness - Tired, Stressed, and Depressed? How Hidden Stressors Lead to Adrenal Dysfunction,  Caveman Corner B

3:00 pM TO 3:55 pM

  • Ariane Resnick, Chef Ariane - Thinking About Drinking: A Paleo Approach, Caveman Corner A
  • Elle Russ, Author/Host/Health Coach - Thyroid 101: The Paleo Thyroid Solution, Caveman Corner B

4:00 PM TO 4:55 PM

  • Nell Stephensen, Paleoista - TBA, Caveman Corner A
  • TBA - Caveman Corner B

5:00 PM TO 5:25 PM

  • Hanna Look, Contemporary Cavewoman  - Practical Ways to Evolve Your Eating, Caveman Corner A

  • Kacy & Kara, Sisters Undercover - Paleo Survival Tips: Living Paleo in a Non-Paleo Family, Caveman Corner B