Nicole Hellendoorn with California Paleo Kitchens presenting "You Don't Eat Bread? No Problem, We Have Whole Wheat"

Nicole Hellendoorn with California Paleo Kitchens presenting "You Don't Eat Bread? No Problem, We Have Whole Wheat"


2:00 PM TO 2:55 PM

  • Jonathan CelisAbsoluTraining - Fasting: Fast Your Way to Health, Caveman Corner A
  • Anne-Marie AldersonAlderson Endurance and Wellness - Tired, Stressed, and Depressed? How Hidden Stressors Lead to Adrenal Dysfunction,  Caveman Corner B

3:00 PM TO 3:55 PM

  • Ariane ResnickChef Ariane - Thinking About Drinking: A Paleo Approach, Caveman Corner A
  • Elle Russ, Author/Host/Health Coach - Thyroid 101: The Paleo Thyroid Solution, Caveman Corner B

4:00 PM TO 4:55 PM

  • Nell StephensenPaleoista presentsOptimal Health: Inside...and OUT!, Caveman Corner A
  • Lindsay McCoy, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner/Young Living Executive Member - Everyday Oils for your Everyday Needs, Caveman Corner B

5:00 PM TO 5:25 PM

  • Hanna Look, Contemporary Cavewoman  - Practical Ways to Evolve Your Eating, Caveman Corner A

  • Kacy & KaraSisters Undercover - Paleo Survival Tips: Living Paleo in a Non-Paleo Family, Caveman Corner B


thank you to our Taste of Paleo 3.0 speakers:

  • Nicole Hellendoorn, California Paleo Kitchens - Intro to Paleo and AMA (Ask Me Anything!)
  • Sara Campbell, doTERRA - Oils to Live - Intro to Essential Oils
  • Shelah Deans, Founder H.I.T. Fit Wellness - A Big FAT Secret - Understanding Fats & Using Them to Achieve Optimal Health
  • Rochelle Serna, Founder Baby's First Foods - Baby's First Foods
  • Michael Roesslein, Co-Founder Rebel Health Tribe - Optimizing Digestion, Microbiome & Functional Gut Healing
  • Robin Jones, Owner The Living Temple - Stress: The Cause of All Disease
  • Sean LenihanFounder The Honest Bison - Why Grassfed Bison?
  • Dr. Marcus Ettinger, Advanced Healing Center of Orange - Paleo Diet/Lifestyle As A Support Mechanism for Cancer, Diabetes, Weight-Loss, Allergies, Auto-Immune Disease and Overall Health
  • Jason Prall, Founder Calyx Performance- Custom Paleo: Finding a Personalized Approach to Avoid Neolithic Disease
  • David Lopez, Cutco Rep - Back to Basics: How to Use a Knife Correctly


Kevin Ogar, Athlete - Keynote Speaker

George Bryant, Civilized Caveman Chef and NY Times Bestselling Author - Your Mindset: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Achieve Results

Alicia Serratos, 7 year-old author of Recipes to Grow

Stephanie Gaudreau, Stupid Easy Paleo - Adapting Paleo for Performance

Nicole Hellendoorn, California Paleo Kitchens - Dining Out Paleo

Amit S. Katz, author of The Frontline of Nutrition - Inflammation: The Root of Disease and How to Prevent It through Diet