Bad Pickle Tees, one of the many vendors present at the first annual Taste of Paleo

Bad Pickle Tees, one of the many vendors present at the first annual Taste of Paleo


Taste of Paleo is the first ever Paleolithic food tasting festival of its kind, and is geared towards those who follow the Paleo diet, including most functional fitness athletes, people with varying health ailments, or those just looking to lose weight. The event provides an environment in which members of the community come together to celebrate the Paleo lifestyle…imagine attendees walking from booth to booth, enjoying tasty Paleo creations, sipping on a glass of beer or wine (it’s our cheat day!), taking in an informative lecture, or stepping out onto the patio to enjoy the warm summer breezes. The event wouldn't be complete without our chef competition, as they strive to win the judges' vote and be crowned the next Taste of Paleo chef!

The Paleo diet, aka the Caveman diet, focuses our everyday food consumption on real, whole food, including grass-fed meats, organic vegetables, fruits and nuts. Followers of the Paleo diet report a plethora of health benefits, including weight loss, increases in energy, as well as an increased immune system.

Our first Taste of Paleo was a resounding success with over 750 in attendance! This overwhelming response could not be made possible without the generosity and effort put forth by our gracious sponsors, who lend their name and financial support towards making this a great event had by all.

We invite you to join us in this highly anticipated event as a Taste of Paleo sponsor. Your organization will benefit from exposure months before, during and after the festival, through various marketing and promotional efforts.

Feel free to contact us through our Contact page no later than July 8, 2016 to obtain available sponsorship levels. We can discuss packages that will target your marketing goals and are able to meet any budgetary needs. We are truly indebted and appreciative of our sponsors and look forward to your participation in Taste of Paleo!